• Embrasse the « Racing Lifestyle driving the LM1 Street Legal “Le Mans Style” racing car
  • 1000 HP Mild Hybrid Engine, e-Fuel compatible
  • GFG STYLE design, represented by Fabrizio and Giorgetto GIUGIARO
  • “F1 Style” Steering wheel, Active aerodynamics system (DRS)
  • Limited Edition to 24 units only

The LM1 seen by Bruno LAFFITE

“I’ve always been amazed by the beauty and design of endurance cars like
those that take part in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The idea of being able to
drive such cars on the road had always seemed an unattainable dream to me.
Thanks to my incredible team of technicians and designers, the dream is now
alive ! What an accomplishment to be able to take this totally out-of-this-world
car out onto the streets.”


  • Drive a « DAKAR Style” Street Legal Racing Prototype
  • 1000 HP Mild Hybrid Engine, e-Fuel compatible
  • GFG STYLE design, represented by Fabrizio and Giorgetto GIUGIARO
  • “F1 Style” Steering wheel Adjustable suspension system
  • Limited Edition to 26 units only

The ATRAX seen by Bruno LAFFITE

“I wanted the Atrax to combine the aggressiveness and technology of a racing
car, and at the same time to be tame and manageable. I wanted it to look like
a black panther, lowered down, ready to jump with huge tires.
A Hypercar that was just as capable of taking you elegantly to a night out in
town as it is of taking you off-road over the most hostile terrain.”


Laffite is making history. For the first time in the industry, 3 hypercars are revealed the same day, during the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix.

The brand and company Laffite is devoted to rise the hypercars industry standards. Massive Investments, new team, new designer, new tech department, new production team, new segmen

The brand Laffite is completing its first hypercars design and engineer processes. The dream and vision became a reality.

Giugiaro was named car Designer of the century in 1999. Twenty three years later he will design the 1st Laffite Automobili hypercar concepts, in his Design studio based in Torino

The name Laffite became a brand. With Pascal Cohen, his school friend, Bruno is launching the company Laffite Systeme, managing race track and karting school academies. Their comm

First Race. First Pole Position for Bruno Laffite. Laffite name means a multigeneration successful racing DNA.

Gianetti contributed to the WRC World Title with Juha Kankkunen and the legendary Lancia Delta HF. The legendary supercars and racing manufacturer is settled.

Passion is inherited. Enjoying the F1 paddock, Bruno, at the aged of 13, started envisioning himself racing and dompting those ultra powerful beasts.

First win in Formula 1 by Jacques Laffite. The destiny of the Brand “Laffite” is engaged.

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